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On Thursday to Saturday from 5:30pm - 10:30pm we serve as a Spanish Tapas Restaurant. We provide our customers with a delicious tapas menu heavily influenced by the southern regions of Spain. A little village in the Marbella region called Benahavis is where the recipe for our fantastic Gambas Al Pil Pil originated! 

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Take a look at our Wine & Cocktail Menu...

We love Spanish food and truly believe that it's some of the tastiest and most vibrant food out there - this being said, there is also some fantastic food that can be found in Spain's surrounding countries. We have therefore created an 'Across the Borders' section on our menu, where we offer options that have been originated from Italy, Greece and France.


Tapas in the Square

We are very fortunate to be situated at Churchill Court in the heart of Rustington, a place that is quickly becoming known as a little Mediterranean square. Our outdoor seating is spread across the court making it a perfect backdrop for romantic date nights to watch the sunset or fabulous fun evening to have with friends and family. 

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